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“5-th PROJECT”

The concept of the future of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovych

Rus-Ukraine. A new civilization. Phase transition.

100% of the money will be transferred to the sponsorship of two soldiers of the Podmost battalion, from the Podmost district of the city of Kremenchuk. And on salaries to workers Podmost.


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Oleksiy Arestovych “5th Project”:

In my deep conviction, the decision, the definition of the process of all that is emerging now on Earth, is the process of transition of people to a new phase of development:

Phase 1

In the cognitive (informational) phase.

This phase comes as another wave that covers humanity with its head.
The first was the Neolithic revolution (10-15 thousand years ago), when mankind moved from the appropriation of food to its cultivation – we entered
from the Primitive to the Traditional phase of development.

Phase 2

Another was the industrial revolution (1500-1900), when mankind continued with several forces of nature (from steam to nuclear) and switched to manual to machine production.

Phase 3

singing, the third phase – the transition to society, the main content of which will be work with research: its receipt, processing, distribution, use.
There is a funny and stable view that the development of society is the consistent replacement of a stone ax with a hoe, a hoe with a steam engine, a steam engine with a nuclear reactor, a reactor with a gadget.
And the people, he said, are the same.
However, the opposite is true.

Phase 4

Phase 5

The arrival of a new phase is first of all a change in the collective and individual unconscious.
Occurring long before the onset of this phase.
This simple phrase means that the world we are accustomed to will be ruthlessly torn to pieces in a short time.
And not so much the external world (which many are so afraid of), but primarily internal.
It is unpleasantly known that you have lost your job, because your profession is no longer needed.
But it is known that you are left without the usual, implemented at the DNA level, ways of understanding the world, and that there – the perception and processing of information – is much worse.
Especially if it is unclear – where to get new ones instead?
The information revolution was not left with everything I knew and loved, stone on stone. First of all, everything we knew and loved in ourselves.

And I have already gone through the process, I consider it my pleasant duty – to show those who want how this process takes place – deep in our subconscious society, civilization.
This will be a voluntary contribution of the “Fifth Project” – to the people.

The “Fifth Project” is the name of the socio-political project I came up with, on which we should consciously build our common Future.

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